Gardening with my peonies and roses.

Gardening with my peonies and roses.

About Laurie Rubinetti

I am a painter and graphic designer

I started painting when I was very young at the free classes given by my town library. When I was 10, my parents took me to see a Vincent Van Gogh exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum. It was an incredible show that I remember vividly and its influence shows in my paintings.

After high school, I went to to art school to study graphic design. Since then, I’ve had a great career working as a graphic designer while raising my children. There was little time for painting in those days! But the kids have flown the coop, so I'm painting again. On the art page you can see some of my oil paintings. More are available in my ETSY shop LaurieRubinettiArt.

I still love working as a graphic designer. I do both digital and print design. I've worked for some great companies such as Pearson Education, Rodale, and Brother International. I am currently accepting freelance work while I am looking for a new position.

I would love to hear from you! Contact me using the form below. — Laurie